NOW WHAT exhibit / Nov 17 Dec 11 / San Jose, CA

50 posters from the “Occupy: What’s Next?” collection.

A very human response to injustice is resistance, often expressed through the medium of posters. The exhibition “Now What” features posters that seek to engage everyone in fundamental questions of conscience, fairness, and responsibility.

The show is the result of a global participatory design action begun in 2012 when three Bay Area designer/educators posed the question: “Occupy: What’s Next?”.  From the hundreds of graphic responses, a distinguished international jury selected these 50 for their visual impact, creativity and effectiveness in conveying ideas.   

Featuring works by citizen-designers from 18 countries, the exhibition provides an unparalleled view into the worldwide significance of the Occupy concept.  As an initiative, “Occupy: What’s Next?” belongs in the tradition of constructive dissent that stimulates society to counter-balance the harms of excess, unbridled authority and unintended consequences. 

The placement of the pieces in the gallery is intended to amplify three emergent themes: social sustainability, economic inequality, and environmental issues. 

All manner of visual techniques and rhetorical devices are deployed to communicate these ideas and the intensity of discontent with the status quo and the sense of violation/loss that people feel. The fourth wall gives details on every poster and features an experimental labeling system that offers viewers the possibility to use an augmented-reality application to discover each poster in new way. 

Illustrated Lecture: Tuesday November 17, 5 – 6pm.  Art #133
This lecture is free and open to the public.
Lecture presenters: David Peters and Jean-Benoit Levy

In conjunction with the opening of this exhibition, these two organizers will describe their methodology, explore the thematic arguments on display, and discuss the poster as a force for social dialogue in an age of accelerating change.