process + jury

We have carefully chosen a group of internationally engaged graphic designers and poster professionals to select 99 strong and functional posters. From their different locations in the world, and with their unique points of view, each juror will take the time to go online to look at each poster and vote individually for the creations that they believe serve this particular cause.

Our new selection process allows you to look at the final choices of each jury member.

In order to transform the traditional rules of  jurying, where a group meets in one location, debates and decides on the winners, we have used new technologies and worked out a system in which each jury member is responsible for his/her choices and is ready to show them. The selections of each juror will be shared online.

Each and every entry will be viewable online. While the jurors make their selections, the public will also be able to vote. 

— Prices : The jury will be awarding software packages from Adobe to the 5 best posters in each category.


Erik Brandt, Graphic Designer, Minneapolis
Pascal Colrat, Graphic Designer, Paris
Jochen Fiedler, Graphic Designer, Leipzig
April Greiman, Transmedia Design and Photography, Los Angeles
Morteza Majidi, Photographer, Babol
Gunter Rambow, Graphic Designer, Güstrow
Elizabeth Resnick, Professor, Mass. College of Art & Design, Boston
Dr. Bettina Richter, Curator, Poster Collection, MfG Zürich
David Tartakover, Graphic Designer, Tel Aviv
Jeanne Verdoux, Graphic Designer & Artist, New York
Rene Wanner, International Posterblogger & collector, Basel
Dr. Sylke Wunderlich, Art Historian, Berlin