Form of delivery

— Image size : 20 x 28 inches. ( 50 x 70 cm ). Vertical or Horizontal. 
— Image resolution : 300 dpi. No more than 12 MB
— Save as : JPG in RGB

— Deadline : Thursday, May 31, 2012 

— Number of entries : Enter as many posters as you wish.
— Credit : Each poster may be credited in small print.
— Concept : You may include a short, written explanation of your idea.
— Originality : We hope for new ideas, but it is permissible to submit a poster created prior to the Occupy activities.
— Prices : The jury will be awarding software packages from Adobe to the 5 best posters in each category.

Participation : There is no entry fee at this time. Seeing your work is important to us.

How to Upload Projects 

— One poster : Create your account > Define category > Upload poster > Enter text > Click “Submit”

— More than one poster : Create your account > Define category > Upload poster > Enter text > Click “Save” > Upload next poster > When finished, click “Submit”   

Tips :
— Use the “Save” button to make text changes or add posters.
— When you click the “Submit” button, the upload is complete.
— You can return to upload more posters if you wish.
— Project descriptions can be edited until the April 30 deadline.

Rules :
1 — By participating in this competition, each entrant understands and agrees to the following competition’s rules.
2 — The three submission categories are Design professionals / Design students / Non-professionals.
3 — The competition is not anonymous. Participants are encouraged but not required to sign their work.
4 — The Jury will select 99 posters from all submissions. These 99 posters will then be presented as a collection.
5 — The public will be invited to vote on which of the 99 are the top 5 “people’s choice.”
These 5, together with the Jury’s choice of 5 posters from each category, will be announced as winners of this competition.
6 — The selected 99 designs will be printed and used for exhibition, displayed online, possibly on an iPad application and, most importantly, be accessible and available for download by the public.
7 — The organizers are explicitly given permission to photograph or reproduce the image of the entries for (non-commercial) promotional purposes including media reports, publicity and documentation, as well as for sharing via websites and other social media.
8 — All entrants will receive one free download of the iPad app of the selected 99 best poster designs (provided we get the app working!)
9 — Entrants will be notified if their entry is selected for inclusion or awarded a prize.
10 — Entrants are responsible for the content of their work and its visualization.
11 — In the event that a poster is believed to infringe upon the copyright of another individual or group, the organizers reserve the right to remove that poster and retract any prize awarded, even after notification has been made.
12 — If a third party wishes to purchase a poster, the organizers will facilitate arrangements with the author(s).
13 — The legal organization for this competition is the “Verband Bund mitteldeutscher Grafikdesigner” in Leipzig, Germany.